Opening Ceremony New production facility – China
News / Jan. 14, 2019

August 2018 - The official opening of our new facility

Since February our new facility was operational, but we wait till 08-08-18 to open it officially to the public. Local authorities were present for the celebration ceremony. The new facility of 15000m² is only the start of the complete new plant. By the end of 2019 the second stage of 10000m² will be ready and the full 25000m² will operational. 

The building of our new facility

Open for the public

Deratech Group has complete control of the production process, all in done in house from welding, sandblasting, milling ….till the final quality check. Now in most cases it doesn’t even end here, in most area of the world our own service team is responsible for installation of our machines.

A look inside the facility

Opening Ceremony act

A word from Mr. Bjorn Rabiot

Making of the golden plate

Opening Ceremony

A better look of the workspace inside the facility