Technica is a precision CNC-controlled press brake with hydraulic crowning in a basic but very complete configuration. The Ultima machine is equipped with 4 CNC-controlled axes (Y1-Y2, X, V).

Technica offers the user a heavily built, reliable, precision CNC press brake at an economical price.

The high precision digital encoders at both sides of the machine continuously measure the movement and position of the upper beam (axes Y1-Y2). The data is processed and monitored by the CNC controller which controls the hydraulic valves.

An extremely high level of accuracy is obtained during the movement and final positioning of the upper beam due to the continuous monitoring and feedback of the encoder measuring data. Using this technology, a repeatability of approximately 100% (+/- 0.01 mm) can be guaranteed.

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detailed specifications

Technical information
  • Robust durable standard pressbrake
  • “Top” pressbrake at competitive price
  • 5 cnc-controlled axis as standard: Y1-Y2-X-R-V
  • Hoerbiger Precise hydraulic system
  • Mechanical crowning (V)
  • Touch Screen cnc-controller ESA 630
  • Double linear measuring scales ensure a precise positioning from both cylinders Y1 and Y2
  • Robust and durable construction with robot-welded and heat-annealed machine frame
  • Offline software
Available options
  • D-STM: Automatic sheet thickness measuring
  • Bendingaid CNC-controlled
  • Different back gauge systems
  • Backgauge with pneumatic support system
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Hybrid hydraulic system
  • ESA or DELEM or Cybelec controller
  • Lazersafe safety light guard
  • Remote assistance
  • Click here for more details about the options

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